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Lemme guess–you’re probably a super cool chick that’s always rocking the best nail game amongst your friends, but you’re constantly on the lookout for the next big new thing in the nail art scene. well, that’s where rad nails comes in.

Rad Nails founder Chrissy Mahlmeister is an editor at MTV Style obsessed with nail art. She began documenting her nail art adventures in her free time and was overwhelmed with the feedback she received from girls begging to know more about her nail designs. She decided to create a one-stop shop for her nail art addiction and share her business endeavors for all to see. (Eep!) She convinced her boyfriend Joshua Covarrubias (a suuuuper talented graphic designer at Quote Catalog) to help her on her quest for all-things nail art, and he agreed to be the brains behind the killer designs. Together they hope to inspire girls everywhere to bring out their inner Rad Gal!